Back to School in Malibu Sugar

Devon McManama

Posted on July 25 2018

Malibu Sugar clothing is designed not just to let girls ages 4 through 14 enjoy the latest styles, it is also designed to make girls feel happy, comfortable and confident!  You gotta love that, right?!

And guess what? The fabulously fun back-to-school looks from Malibu Sugar will have YOU feeling happy, too. The fresh, fun, super-soft styles created by Jil Garcia in Southern California are made in the USA, just steps away from the beaches in Malibu.

At Me and Kay, you’ll also find great back-to-school styles from designers like Tutu du Monde, Mia New York, Hannah Banana and Flowers by Zoe, among others.  But if you’re shopping for unicorns and rainbows, Malibu Sugar clothing is a great place to start.

With those California roots, it’s no surprise that Malibu Sugar’s clothing is always fashion forward and on trend.  Take a look at some of our favorite back-to-school looks from Malibu Sugar and you’ll agree!

Me and Kay

Malibu Sugar Rainbow Joggers

Colorful rainbow stipes will take your little student straight to the top of the class!

Me and Kay

Malibu Sugar Rainbow Stripe Sweatshirt

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true – and this terry fleece slashed sweatshirt is proof of that.

Me and Kay

Malibu Sugar Striped Heart Sweatshirt

This comfy sweatshirt checks lots of boxes when it comes to this year’s back-to-school style trends. It’s sporty, has colorful stripes and a graphic image that any girl would love.

Malibu Sugar clothing is a great option for little girls who can’t get enough pink as well as tweens who are focused on feeling celebrity-style chic. And those must-have looks don’t come at the expense of comfort!

Me and Kay

Malibu Sugar Unicorn Princess Leggings

These comfy leggings get high grades for style with a shower of rainbows, unicorns and hearts against a super chic background of black-and-white stripes.  

Me and Kay

Malibu Sugar Puppies & Sweets Leggings

As the Today show pointed out recently, “cute critters” are at the top of this year’s back-to-school fashion trends – and you can’t get much cuter than the pups on these lightweight, stretchy and super soft leggings.

Me and Kay

Malibu Sugar Unicorn Headband

Did somebody say, “cute critters”?  She’s one-of-a-kind, just like the unicorns she adores.  It’s nice to know the folks that Malibu Sugar clothing so special understand that.  

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