Back to School in Style

Devon McManama

Posted on August 14 2020

kids fashion boutique, Back to School in Style

Labor Day traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer, but it is officially time to start shopping for fall here at Me and Kay, your favorite kids fashion boutique! It’s time to start outfitting your budding scholar for a new school year, so we are clearing out the summer stock (be sure to check out the cute swimsuits from Submarine Swim and Shade Critters that are on sale!) and bringing in fabulous fall looks

This will definitely be a school year like no other, but anything you can do to maintain the traditions your family has already established around the start of a new school year will help your little student. It doesn’t matter if she will be learning in a virtual classroom or in a brick-and-mortar school building, it is still the start of a new school year and we firmly believe that all of the traditions associated with that should be followed… in style, of course!

Shop New Arrivals for an A+ in Fall Fashion

Do you remember trying to decide what you would wear on the first day of school? How many times did you change your mind? Did your mom take you shopping for your new school clothes or did she venture out on her own and bring home bags full of clothes for you and your siblings? Even if you started the school year off in a crisp new school uniform, chances are you were also decked out in some new clothes when you met up with your friends after dinner to study.

Back to School in Style

Whether she’s heading to the top of the class or her best friend’s backyard, you can send her off with a smile in a Happy sweatshirt from Spiritual Gangster Kids that reinforces a positive association with learning! It’s made from a super-soft fabric in a vibrant tie dye pattern. Match it up with our with the versatile Goldie Metallic Skirt from Lola and the Boys and you’ll have an outfit she’ll want to wear time and time again. 

And don’t forget to get her a new backpack! 

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