It’s All in the Family: Baby Sara & Hannah Banana Clothing

Devon McManama

Posted on February 22 2021

It’s All in the Family: Baby Sara & Hannah Banana Clothing

Did you know that Baby Sara, one of the many great designers we carry at our kids’ fashion boutique, has a big sister? That’s right, Baby Sara is from Sara Sara clothing, which also produces the always popular Hannah Banana styles. 

Family – whether it is the one you were born into or the one you create – is a beautiful thing. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a glance to know that a group of people are related. Maybe it’s the shade of blonde hair that they all share, or the big blue eyes. Maybe there’s something about the smile or the way they carry themselves. 

The Sara Sara Family of Styles

What is that sets Baby Sara and Hannah Banana apart and marks them as sister brands? When you look at the innovative style and exceptional quality in the clothes, it’s easy to see that both of these designer lines are trendsetter in girls' clothing.

Sara Sara is known for the attention they pay to detail – whether you’re talking about the sweet ruffle on the Oh Happy Day Tee-Shirt from Baby Sara or the way the light plays off our Pink Sequin Dress from Hannah Banana

The designers at both Baby Sara and Hannah Banana have an eye for that unique touch – whether it is an added flounce, a colorful line of piping or the swirl of colorful dots on the Confetti Polka Dot Dress from Baby Sara – that will elevate a girl’s outfit. 

From party-worthy frocks, like Hannah Banana’s Rainbow Party Dress or Baby Sara’s Star Sequin Doll Dress, to casual looks, like our Mesh Tie-Dye Sporty Shorts from Hannah Banana, every garment is made with exceptional care. 




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