We Love Mom-preneur's! Check out this Awesome Mommy Designer!

When I was young one of my favorite shows was Three's Company, Chrissy was fasanating to me.  Her wardrobe, her hair, her voice it was all so fun and positive.  When I came across Harlow Jade it gave me total flash backs! I knew we needed to carry it at Me & Kay.  The classic Mavis Bell Bottoms are to die for!  Tiffany Gibson is the creator of Harlow Jade.  After becoming a mom she struggled to find what was next career wise for her, she struggled to find clothes that she loved for her daughter Harlow... And that is when she decided to create Harlow Jade, named after her little love.  Her line is perfect for all the dreamers who love the boho style.  Harlow Jade is ethically made using all eco friendly fabrics.  They are made in Los Angeles California.  

harlow jade

We just received their Spring/Summer collection.  The blush skies bell bottoms are a spring must have, they are a plush velvet that will have her both comfy and stylish.  And talk about Three's Company their Farah Track Shorts look like they were made for Chrissy.  We love to pair any of their bottoms with the Harlow Jade Body Suits.  Tiffany Gibson got it right with this line, making little ones stylish, comfortable, and making it happen while taking care of our planet.  Make sure to check out Harlow Jade, along with some of our other favorite brands Flowers By Zoe, Hannah Banana, Submarine Swim, Stella Cove, Bandy Button, Lil Lemons, Pink Chicken & More.


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