Birthday Looks for Your Little Mini-Me

Devon McManama

Posted on January 24 2019

kids birthday outfits

Birthday parties have become an epic event in our society.  Not only for the kids but also for the moms planning it.  It is a chance to be creative and let your imagination run wild.  Each year I say to myself oh its going to be small this year, I am not going to over do it, but once I get going there is just no stopping the madness.  It is all worth it though when the day comes and my daughter has a smile on her face from ear to ear.  Over the year we have had lots of crazy themes : Candy Land, Pirates, Penguin Waterpark just to name a few.  Picking a theme is so fun, and of coarse every Birthday Girl needs the perfect Birthday Outfit to go with it.  Here are some great birthday themes and super cool outfits to pair with them:

1. Birthday Party Outfits : Frozen Theme

Let it go, Let it go, Frozen is not going anywhere. As much as we can hope & pray we never has to watch in again, it's still every little girls go to Disney Movie.  Once you and your daughter have landed on the Frozen Theme for her birthday party, the real question is ..... Are you team Anna or Elsa?!?!?!?!?! Such a hard choice, but don't worry whichever she decides to be we have got her perfect birthday outfit covered. Our Plum dresses are a perfect fit! No only are the colors on point but they are also lightweight, comfy, and inexpensive so there is no worries if she get cake from ear to ear.  

For our Elsa girls we have our ice blue Ophelia Tutu by Plum. Pair it with some sparkly converse sneaker so she can run around while still sparkling the whole way.  Add a silver sequin bow in her hair to complete her the final look.

For our Anna girls we have two options. You can go with our navy Opal Tutu by Plum or fuchsia Olivia Tutu by Plum.  Add our extra large Bow Headband by Tutu Du Monde and finish the look with some fuchsia converse. Once again looking cute while staying comfortable to run around and play with her friends.  

Plum Tutu

2. Birthday Party Outfits : Gymnastics Theme

The gymnastics birthday is inevitable, I feel like every girl at sometime has one of these. Maybe its becuase girls love gymnastics, or maybe it's because we are behind the eight ball a bit that year and it is a quick easy booking, all the activities are provided and all you really have to do it show up and let the kiddos run wild.  Either way whatever you reason for it may be you still have to have your Birthday Girl Outfit on point!!!!  It is a tough one because you want her to stand out and have really special photo opts but really what do you put her in other then a basic leotard? Well don't worry we have the ultimate gymnastic birthday outfit for her.  So she can't have accesorries because she is going to be bouncing around and there are no shoes obviously so let's go all out on her leotard.  She will be a showstopper in our Evening Star Onesie from Tutu Du Monde.

tutu du monde

3.  Birthday Party Outfits : Beach/Pool Party

One of my personal party theme favorites is Beach/Pool Party! There is nothing like sunshine & fun to celebrate her special day!  When planning her Pool Party Outfit you need to think FUN! Bright colors are a must, you want her to stand out and be in a swimsuit that is bold and unique.  A one piece is always a good idea at a party because they can play comfortably.  She will be able to slide down the jumbo water slide, or run around having a water ballon fight while looking cute and comfy.  Our Mermaid Metallic Swimsuit by Stella Cove is the perfect pool party outfit, when she gets out of the water she can throw on our Ice Cream Poncho by Stella Cove.  Add a little sunscreen and she is ready to partayyyy!

kids pool party birthday

4. Birthday Party Outfits : Pirate Party

Ahhhhoyyyy Matey!  Let's get started putting her perfect Birthday Pirate Party Outfit together! As always the Birthday Girl needs to be super cute while staying comfy for play.... We did this is theme for my daughters 3rd birthday and boy was it a hit, they went out on an actual pirate ship, the kids had a blast.  Our Abigail Romper by Molo is the perfect pirate outfit. We paired it with sparkly Doc Marten Boots and a crushed red velvet bandana.  She will be on theme without being in costume.  Shiver Me Timbers this look is golden!

pirate party outfit

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  • Barbara McManama: January 25, 2019

    Wow, great article!! Love that Pirate Party look!!

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