Dress Like A Kardashian Kid

Devon McManama

Posted on January 30 2019

Dress Like A Kardashian

Alright Ladies I'll admit it, watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Nevermind all the juicy drama that goes on between them, I am really obsessed with watching there style, they are seriously the most beautifully groomed people I've ever seen.  And there is no shade here, If I could have someone come to my house everyday and do my full hair and make up, heck yes I would! To never have to blow dry my own hair again, ummmm HEAVEN!!! They are always a trend or 2 ahead of the rest of us.  Like when Kourtney started wearing those skinny sunglasses I was thinking to myself "What the heck!?!?!?" but now they have grown on me ( it only took a year) LOL and I even recently styled one of our looks on the website with a pair.  They introduce new trends to the public andyou have to respect them for that. Not to mention the Kardashians are a group of fierce powerhouse Mom Bosses, those girls know how to hustle.  

Well enough about the moms were here to talk about the little mini moguls & style icons they are creating. I swear I see more pictures of North West in the media then I do most A list celebrities.  Fine by me, they are so cute and their fashion is always fresh and exciting.  If only I could have as awesome style as these kids, i'd be all set.  So How To Dress Like A Kardashian Kids You Ask?? Here are some looks that are inspired by these little trend setters.  

  • Dress Like A Kardashain Kid : Mexicana Boho Chic

We recently spotted Penelope Disick in a mexican embroidered boho chic dress, this is a signature look of hers. To get this look we paired our Mexican Flutter Dress by Sunuva, with our White Mexiciana Hippy Bag.  Another good option our Mexicana Cheesecloth Dress by Sunuva.

dress like a kardashian kid

  • Dress Like A Kardashian Kid : Faux Fur 

North West has one fashion trend that she grows with, faux fur coats!  She started off with our Black Faux Fur Jacket from Mia New York, then she moved on to a blush pink faux fur, and now recently we have seen both her and her cousin Penelope back at the black faux fur coat.  It seems like faux fur is here to stay and we are OK will that!  You can also check out our Multi Color Faux Fur Jacket from Mia New York as well. 

dress like a kardashian kid

  •  Dress Like A Kardashian Kid : All White Summer Dress

Little P is living the California Dream in her lightweight summer dress.  Spending the day with her stunning momma in the bright Cali sun.  To get this look we recommend our Coco Eyelet Dress by Lil Lemons.  It is easy to wear and has adjustable shoulder straps.

dress like a kardashian kid

Dress like a Kardashian Kid : Graphic Tees on Repeat

It's not just the ladies who's fashion is on point, Mason Disick it a trend-setter of his own.  He is always rocking the most stylish graphic tees. To get this look we recommend our graphic tees from Kid Dangerous.  Our Original Gangster Tee from Kid Dangerous is graphic fun!  Also check out our Kitty Crew Tee from Kid Dangerous is epic.how to dress like a kardashian kid


  •  Dress Like A Kardashian Kid : Tea Party Attire

Don't you worry next time you are invited to a Kardashian Tea Party we have your looks covered! LOL =) ..... Light Pink & Beige Tutu Du Monde is the way to to go.  You can check out all there fabulous tulle looks here.  You can't go wrong with any of these.  

dress like a kardashian kid

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