LOL Doll Inspired Looks

Devon McManama

Posted on February 13 2019

lol doll inspired looks

LOL Dolls.  If you have no idea what these are consider yourself lucky, you have really dodged a bullet.  As for everyone who knows what I am referring to I am sure you have mixed feeling about these little cute somewhat creepy fashionista toys. At first I didn't understand what they were at all.  Kay was obsessed with them...."You want me to buy you a ball that you have to unwrap for 10 minutes to eventually get to a little plastic doll"... hmmmmm that sounds really awesome... NOT.  How could that be so fun and fascinating? I have know idea, but WOW are they a hit.  Kayla insisted that she needed the "rare" dolls, whatever that means.... Oh and did I mention some of them pee... seriously WTF??? But after a while of fighting this phenonmeon  I finally started to see the charm in them and there cool unique style that each one of these LOL Dolls rocked.

 Fun Fact : LOL Dolls doesn't stand for Laugh Out Loud Dolls which I was certain of, it actually stand for Little Outrageous Littles.

I am not sure who the designer of the LOL Dolls fashion is but I can tell you that without a doubt we speak the same language.  Vibrant Colors, Sparkles, Oversized Sunglasses, Rainbow Hair this is everything a Me & Kay girl posses.  They are not afraid to take risks with fashion, they understand (as much as plastic dolls can) that girls fashion is meant to be FUN.  They want you to stand out, not fit in with the crowd.  Be Unique.  Be Awesome.  Be You.  

I decided to put put together some looks that are Lol Doll Inspired Looks. Is your little one having a LOL Doll themed birthday? Or does she want to stand out at her favorite Pop Concert or a school dance? Or does she just want to be a unicorn everyday of her life?? Whatever the reason here are some outrageous Me & Kay looks that are inspired by these little bad ass dolls.

lol doll inspired looks

Lol Doll Inspired Look : Ice Cream Dress from Lola & The Boys

This Ice Cream Dress from Lola and The Boys screams LOL Doll Fashion.  The print is vibrant and fun, and she can twirl the day away in it.  Now if you really want to look the part you must pay attention to details.  We paired this dress with sparkle light pink pumas, make sure the shoes are as loud and funky as the dress.  We topped our look off with our Taylen Biggs Hair Extensions. And added a pink sparkle bow for the cherry on top. 

lol dolls inspired looks

Lol Doll Inspired Look : Chasing Rainbows Bomber Jacket 

Another Lol Doll inspired look is our Chasing Rainbow Bomber Jacket from Lola and The Boys. The sequins are bright and loud just how we like it! It is lined with a star print pattern and have strips are the neck & cuff line.  Put this jacket on and she is ready for some fun.  We paired it with our Jamie Jumper from Katie J NYC, added some super cool shades from Forever21, and topped the look off using our Taylen Biggs Hair Extensions

lol dolls inspired look

Lol Doll Inspired Look : Amore Dress

One thing you cant go wrong with when looking for a Lol Doll inspired look is RAINBOWS! Here we have our model rocking this Amore Dress from Hannah Banana. It has rainbows galore and fun patches all over.  When you look at this dress you just can't help but smile. That the perfect indication that it is LOL Doll approved.  Once again we paired it with out light pink sparkle puma, one of our go to sneakers in our styling bin. And of course we can't forget our Taylen Biggs Hair Extensions. 

Lol Doll inspired looks

LOL Doll Inspired Look : Chasing Rainbows Dress from Lola and The Boys

This dress speaks for itself, it has sequins galore.  If that isn't totally what a LOL Doll would wear then I don't know what is!!!! This Chasing Rainbows Dress from Lola and The Boys has ribbons ties so they fit is easy.  We are obsessed with this look.  We added a jumbo pink sparkle bow to it and had her rocking slides from Steve Madden.  You could easily pair this dress with a ballet flat as well to keep it a bit more dressy, or add sneakers to funk it up.  

 lol doll inspired look


 Lol Doll Inspired Look : Donut Swimsuit

We want little girls to channel there inner LOL Doll wherever they go, even at the beach or summer pool parties.  This Donut Swimsuit from Stella Cove is the perfect suit for summertime fun.  Add since wigs are all the rage these days thanks to Kylie Jenner, we topped off her look with their fierce pink bob.  Remember ladies kids fashion is FUN!!!!

lol doll inspired looks

Lol Doll Inspired Look : Metallic Swimsuit

We wanted to show you one more Lol Doll Inspired Look from Stella Cove.  It is their Metallic Mermaid Swimsuit.  This one piece is an LOL Doll dream! It is both sporty and fun! Perfect for a day at the beach club or a friends pool party! A visor is always a great accessory for summer, the brighter the better :) ..... We also have her rocking her pastel purple wig like its nobodies business!!

Remember Be A Unicorn!!!!! Its way more fun!!! 




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