Harlow Jade shows what a little bundle of inspiration can do!

Devon McManama

Posted on February 02 2018

harlow jade

We love Harlow Jade! It’s easy to do. Not only does the free-spirited brand produce wonderfully livable designs for little girls, they do their best to make the clothes they produce with environmentally conscious fabrics. And the clothes are made here in the U.S.  As their website says, “Harlow Jade pieces are designed and ethically manufactured in Los Angeles, Ca.” 

As we said, it’s easy to love Harlow Jade.  But there’s another aspect to the brand that really makes us happy.  Tiffany Gibson launched the line after her “sweet babe,” Harlow, was born.  Does that story sound familiar? It should – because Me and Kay started much the same way.  

Devon was inspired by her daughter, Kayla (who it’s hard to believe is now 8 years old!) to open Me and Kay. Devon wanted Kayla to grow up knowing that girls can do anything, be anything and pursue whatever dreams bring them joy. She wanted to show her how powerful women can be when they work together to achieve a goal. She didn’t want her daughter to have to struggle with issues of self-esteem and self-confidence as she made her way in the world. 

You can dress a little girl in beautiful clothes from Harlow Jade – or any of the other exceptional brands we carry at Me and Kay, like Shade Critters, MIA New York and Flowers by Zoe – but to truly look her best, girls of every age need to feel good about themselves. As Devon says, “When a girl feels good about herself, she radiates confidence.”  And confidence is irresistible.  

“The most beautiful people I know are the people that are beautiful from within,” model-turned-confidence- coach Suzanne Fetting says on her website, AbsoluteConfidence.com. “They love themselves and the world around them. Absolute confidence comes from within us, not from outside influences --and THAT is a beautiful thing!” 

Suzanne experienced the pain of not believing in herself. Beginning at age 12, she was bullied. The experience left her feeling helpless and fearful. “I remember being so scared to go to school for the first 2 years –there were many days I would pretend to be sick so my Mom would let me stay home,” she says on her website.  

Learning to value herself has brought her the confidence she didn’t have in those days. “Confidence is beautiful,” she now says. “A woman that is confident radiates strength, passion and conviction. A confident woman is not afraid to be herself. She is highly self-aware, knows all aspects of herself and trusts herself.” 

One of the world’s most beautiful women put it another way in a quote you’ll find on AbsoluteConfidence.com: 

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes,”
Sophia Loren said.
“It is not something physical.” 

We can still tell our daughters that they look fabulous in their new Harlow Jade Black Velvet Stretch Bell Bottoms or their Never Enough Unicorn Terez Kids Leggings. But let’s also tell them they rock when they ace a science project at school and encourage them when they want to try out for the school play, take up guitar or join the chess club. Let’s teach them to explore the world fearlessly and fight for their dreams – no matter what those dreams might be. 

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