What does G.B.Y.M. stand for?

Devon McManama

Posted on February 05 2018

What does G.B.Y.M. stand for

Hannah Banana and Baby Sara designer Amy Chang explains

Would you believe that designer Amy Chang has two daughters? Can you guess what their names are? That’s right – Hannah and Sara!  These little girls have inspired their mom’s fabulously fun designs.  Their energy and charm ensure that each outfit will be as appealing to the girls who will wear them as they are to the grownups buying them. 

Would you also believe that there’s an online publication called Children’s Retail Today?  It’s true! Founder and editor Janet Gray Muniz is on a mission to get the word out about innovative, imaginative and inspiring products for children – including fashion-forward children’s clothing. Several years ago, the website featured an interview with Amy Chang, the visionary designer behind Hannah Banana and Baby Sara https://childrensretailtoday.com/tag/amy-chang/ and a couple of other labels, all of which are under the umbrella of G.B.Y.M., Inc. 

Children’s Retail Today asked Chang what the initials stand for.  Here’s what she told them:

Contrary to popular belief, it is not Go Bother Your Mom … G.B.Y.M. stands for God Bless You & Me. We have been blessed for the last 20-some-odd years with steady growth in sales and customer base. We do know it has to do with keeping the ‘customers first’ mentality.” 

G.B.Y.M., Inc. is a family affair. Chang’s brother, Wayne Lee, is director of marketing and her husband, Steve, heads up the production arm of the company, which is based on Los Angeles. When Children’s Retail Today asked the brother and sister how they accommodate market trends in their designs, they said: 

We try to give our customers the latest fashion, designed with kids in mind. We want our kids to be fashionable, sensible and comfortable.

They have definitely hit the trifecta with that combo.  (If only more women’s designers aimed for looks that are fashionable, sensible and comfortable!) 

You’ll find the newest looks from Chang at Me and Kay, including the fabulous Hannah Banana Fantasy Dress featuring stardust and shooting stars as well as glittering dragonflies, shimmering butterflies and dancing show horses. Made of glitter and gems, the fanciful images and colors are set against a black background, making this Hannah Banana dress a real dream. 

Among the other Hannah Banana dresses, jackets and tops currently in stock at Me and Kay is a playful Striped Rose off the Shoulder Dress boasting big beautiful blooms that will be perfect for spring or summer wear.  

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Chang’s Baby Sara collection also features pieces that can be layered for a chic little look, like the Patchwork Craze Denim Vest and Patchwork Craze Smiley Top currently in stock at Me and Kay. 

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