How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Little Babe

Devon McManama

Posted on May 15 2018

I love this time of year, summer is almost here, the weather is turning warm, the kids are excited for the end of the school year, and vacation plans are being made.  With lots of time spent at the pool, beach, and water parks you need to make sure your little babe has the perfect swimwear.  Now not to pat myself on the back or anything but I must say we have some pretty amazing swimwear at Me & Kay., but how do you choose the perfect one.  With cuteness aside for a moment (bc all are suits are literally adorbs!), price will surely play a factor in which swimsuit is the perfect fit. Our swimsuits range in price from $38 to $98, so we have something that will work for everyone.

Lets start at our least expensive brand which is Shade Critters. Shade Critters are some of our best selling suits, there catchy saying like "I Believe In Unicorns" & "Salt Hair Don't Care" are really a hit with our customers. These suits start at $38 and go up to $52.  

shade critters

Is this the perfect match for your little one?!?!? Shop Shade Critters Now.

Next up we have Pink Chicken, there suits range from about $58-$62, we do have a few on sale as well. They are super comfortable with a bit of flair to them. There animals prints are a favorite this season. They offer great options in one pieces are well as some super cute bikinis!

pink chicken

See something you love?!?!?!?! Shop Pink Chicken Now!

If you are ready to splurge on her swimwear this season be sure to check out our selection for Submarine Swim, Pilyq, & Kai Lani.  Submarine Swim will catch your eye with their bold prints & bright patterns.  Our Tutti Fruity zip up one piece is a great pick if you want to keep her covered while still styling & profiling!  Pilyq will also stand out from the crowd this year. Their Unicorn Patch Fringe Bikini just keeps selling off the shelves.  Another high end designer is Kai Lani, there cut out one pieces are to die for, with there side ruffle detailing they are adorable.  She will totally be your mini me.  Be sure to check out Kai Lani's Summer Disco Bikini #obsessed!  So lets soak up the sun in style this summer! Shop All Our Swimwear Here!

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