Make this Summer “Mer”morable

James McCauley

Posted on June 08 2021

Make this Summer “Mer”morable

Move over unicorns, summer is here and it’s time for the mermaids to have their moment in the sun. We have magical mermaid looks from some of our favorite designers, including Shade Critters and Petite Hailey 

Mermaids Are Making Waves 


Mermaid Snorkel from Bling20


With this adorable – and fully functional – snorkel topped by a mermaid tail, your little mer-girl can display her calling card even when she is in her native habitat beneath the waves. We think the Arietail Mermaid Tail Snorkel is the perfect summer accessory for a magical summer.


Blue Mermaid Sea Mask from Bling20 

Who needs to see the world through rose colored glasses when you can see the wonders under the waves with this Jewel Blue Mermaid Mask from Bling20. It features a large frame ringed with glitter and you’ll find mermaid tails printed on the lens and embossed on the strap. We also offer a Jewel Pink Mermaid Mask


Mermaid on Duty Long-sleeved Rash Guard Set from Shade Critters 


Mermaids never compromise sun protection for style – and with this fab swim gear from Shade Critters, which features UPF 50, your mermaid won’t have to. The lovely lilac bottoms are coordinated to match the lettering on the long-sleeved top. And get this – when the top get wet, scales appear!


Mermaid Tee from Petite Hailey  


Her love of mermaids doesn’t stop at the high tide mark or at the edge of the pool and this cute tee from Petite Hailey will let her take that love into the land-locked world. For an extra magical look, we paired it with Glam Shorts from Mia New York Clothing.


Mermaid Tutu Dress from Petite Hailey 


Leave it to Petite Hailey to introduce mermaids to tulle! Their signature tutu-style dress lends itself beautifully to the magical world of mermaids.

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