Blue Skies & Rainbows

Devon McManama

Posted on March 22 2019

me and kay

Hola Ladies! I love when your mission is to make creative unique content and all the stars align and you make magic happen! That is totally what happened for this photoshoot, driving home from the photoshoot I felt like a self proclaimed rock star.  There are many factors that fell into place. First and foremost finding my awesome model Layla ( if you don't follow her on Instagram make sure you do her page is awesome @laylas_dance_world ).  I was on instagram, part of my daily to do, and I came across Layla modeling for Submarine Swim.  I was inspired right away her look was so unique, a perfect fit for Me & Kay.  I reached out to her and we started to coordinate schedules.  My friend who has a kids boutique as well mentioned to me that there was a parking garage in the area that had lots of pops of color in it, as soon as I heard color I knew I had to check it out.  Wow! I wasn't expecting all this awesomeness though! A photographers dream.  So far I had an awesome model, the perfect location, the cutest looks from some of my favorite designers: Stella Cove, Petite Hailey, Katie J NYC, Mia New York Clothing, Pink Chicken, & Lola and the Boys (obviously all from Me & Kay) and last but not least was the blue sky.  A lot of photographers tend to shy away from the sun, but that is where I do my best work and feel I am most creative.  We were all set to make some magic! I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I do.

petite haileyKids Fashion : Petite Hailey

For Layla's first look I knew I wanted to have a rainbow explosion.  She is wearing our Rainbow Swimsuit from Petite Hailey and we paired it with our Katie J Nyc rainbow stripe shorts.  Accesories were a huge part of this look.  We got some great pieces from one of our favorite accessory hot spot Forever21.  This clear, iridescent fanny pack, like come on total cuteness.  Since the sun was popping she has on our heart shaped shades, and let's not forget her striped tube socks.  If you ladies follow our page you will notice these grey kicks with the rainbow bottoms are a favorite of ours, I get so many people asking me, Where Can I Get Those Shoes? They are from Target, I bought them last year so maybe a hard find but if you come across them do not pass them up. :) 

petite haileyKids Fashion : Pink Chicken mixed with Lola & The Boys

Sequins & Metallics are two things that I am obsessed and mixed together complete awesomeness.  Pink Chicken has done it right with this true green lame dress. The color is everything! It is bold and fun, while keeping it fresh.  We paired it with our Lola & the Boys Sequin Bomber Jacket.  The colors in this jacket mixed with the brilliant green dress is insane! Layla is rocking her own Fila kicks here. As soon as I was these sneakers I knew Kayla needed them in her closet asap! To top off this look obviously we need to throw a leopard print turban with it.... Obviously! Both Lola & the Boys and Pink Chicken brought the fun to kids fashion with these pieces. 

lola and the boys

lola and the boys

Kids Fashion : Stella Cove & Mia New York Clothing

I am totally into rocking one piece swimsuits as bodysuits these days! Why not? Kids one pieces are so colorful and bold!  In this look Layla is wearing our Mermaid Metallic One Piece from Stella Cove.  We paired it with our best selling Silver Metallic Shorts from Mia New York Clothing.  We just can't keep these shorts in stock, they go as fast as the come.  Vans are so hot these days I decided to go in the store while at the mall the other day and even though I didn't purchase any sneakers I did get this awesome visor and checkered tube socks.  This look is totally sporty and we can't get enough of this. Stella Cove & Mia New York Clothing are season after season, both 2 of my favorites brands.

stella cove

mia new york clothing

stella cove

In conclusion <--- lol.... To all my mommas out there don't be scared to take fun risks with your little babes fashion.  Mix prints, mix shiny things, add out of the norm accessories.  If anyone can get away with it they can!  And to all my boss babes be unique.  Make your own content, and be fearless.  Nothing awesome will happen unless you push yourself and get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Big thanks to Layla, you totally rocked this shoot girlie, and to her awesome momma for making this shoot happen and getting us a Starbucks Refresher half way through :) I love working with great people.  

me and kay

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